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This is the second year our family has been taking piano lessons from Sherry and Heart and Soul Music. My daughter was 4 when she began and Sherry immediately sensed what style was best for her to learn. Sherry’s passion and exceptional adaptation skills allow her to work with any age and style. My son is now 7 and absolutely loves it.

My husband always wanted to play but is not interested in learning to read music so she took on the challenge of teaching him chords. I am completely amazed at the beautiful music he can play now. We even bought a baby grand piano! Sherry has not only taught our family to play the piano, but has instilled the love of music through singing, song writing, musical games and unending patience.

- Melanie Penn

Sherry is the most amazing music teacher for children whom I have ever had the privilege of knowing. My daughter, who is 8, and my son, who is 5, have completely enjoyed all aspects of lessons with Sherry, and look forward to recitals and performances. Everything from the technical level to the incentives are done in a way that specifically meets each child's personality and skill level.

piano studentsBoth of our children have developed a love of music, and specifically, for the piano. They both look forward to lessons and she not only teaches them, she inspires and supports them in building their skills and confidence in themselves. It is readily apparent when one sees how enthusiastic and encouraging Sherry is of her students, that this is something she truly enjoys.

Another great skill is Sherry's ability to keep lessons, paperwork, and performances coordinated and run smoothly. She is completely professional and always quick to respond to questions and provides regular feedback on each child's progress.

In short, I highly recommend Sherry as a music teacher for children (and adults). We are already looking forward to working with her when our two year old is ready to start his lessons.

- Shannon Hayes

piano studentOur daughter has been taking lessons from Sherry for six years. Sherry is a very positive, kind and patient teacher.

She has a great connection with all her students and is a very motivating, proud teacher -you can see this at the few recitals she has for them a year. Sherry is always praising her students and has a high level of commitment to teaching. We are very happy with Spencer's piano lessons.

- Tracey and Mason Scown

I have been taking piano lessons for 6 years from Sherry. I really like playing the piano, my lessons and learning new music. Sherry keeps me motivated to play by giving me music that I like playing and music that I play well.

- Spencer Scown

piano students Sherry puts a great deal of effort into each lesson. She always comes prepared with a variety of activities to teach the lesson of the week. Her flexible and multifaceted approach to music helps maintains the interest of the children thus each week they eagerly look forward to their piano lesson.

We have two very different boys, Sherry is able to maintain the interest of each by teaching music in the way that suits their ability and learning style. Her variety of activities, materials and unique tips make home practice very easy and manageable.

"My kids have learned amazing things on
the piano in such a short time. Sherry is a very inspiring teacher.

"Music is certainly in Sherry's Heart & soul. A very patient teacher with a lot of compassion for each and every student. Sherry loves what she has chosen to do and it shows."

"My daughter  and I started taking piano lessons with Sherry a few months ago .My daughter who is 4 years old  enjoys the  music games,singing songs and playing little tunes on the piano this makes her fall in love with music as she learns the basics. I used to take piano lessons when I was a child and now that I am playing again I couldn't of found a better teacher. Sherry's  experience with lots of tips and tricks all is presented in a very creative and comfortable way. I feel a great deal of support and freedom to move at my own pace. Thanks to Sherry I am back into piano lessons.

Sherry Griffin

Hi! My name is Sherry. With 20 years of teaching experience I help others explore their creativity and imagination in a joyful, encouraging and fun way. I am grateful to be part of my students accomplishments and achievements.

I admire other's who are inspired to learn how to play the piano and fill their "Heart & Soul's" with music.

I started piano lessons at the age of 4 years old in Gilliam, Manitoba and have continued playing ever since. I completed the piano Teacher Training program with Mrs. Winnifred Wood at the Royal Conservatory of Victoria.

I have studied classical music and enjoy playing popular and new age style of music. I am currently exploring more of jazz , blues and improvisation.

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