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Caring for your Piano

Pianos are like other stringed instruments in that temperature and humidity effect the tuning, its important that the piano is tuned at least once a year and preferably twice in the Spring and the Fall this helps to keep the pitch correct. (its not unusual for pianos to vary a quarter tone to half tone below or above concert pitch) Do not place the instrument near heat registers and wood burning fireplaces if possible.

There is not much an individual can do to maintain an instrument other than getting it tuned on a regular basis. At this time your tuner can advise you as to whether the instrument needs additional work or adjustment.

If one is contemplating buying a used piano make sure you do some research and get it checked out by your tuner before purchasing. 'How to buy a used piano' by Larry Fine is a place to start.

Two pianosPianos like anything else mechanical can eventually pretty much fall apart,either from dampness, high humidity lack of maintenance and general abuse. Soundboards and bridges crack, tuning pins get loose, action wears out. These things can be costly to repair and in most cases not worth it.. A quality acoustic piano well maintained will last many years.

Digital pianos have improved greatly over the years, their pros are they are easily portable take up less room, you can use them with headphones and use them with a computer. bear in mind that the action and sound is not quite the same as an acoustic piano.If you are contemplating purchasing a digital piano, get some advice there is a lot out there.

Make sure it has a 'touch weight' similar to an acoustic piano. Most teachers recommend beginners start on an acoustic piano.

Most piano tuners including myself are quite happy to give free advice and help as regards maintenance of your existing piano and also help in regard to purchasing a piano new or used.

The above tips were provided by Chris Keller who is a highly recommend piano tuner. If you have a piano that needs tuning please feel free to contact Chris.

Phone: 604-229-2482

Sherry Griffin

Hi! My name is Sherry. With 25 years of teaching experience I help others explore their creativity and imagination in a joyful, encouraging and fun way. I am grateful to be part of my students accomplishments and achievements.

I admire other's who are inspired to learn how to play the piano and fill their "Heart & Soul's" with music.

I started piano lessons at the age of 4 years old in Gilliam, Manitoba and have continued playing ever since. I completed the piano Teacher Training program with Mrs. Winnifred Wood at the Royal Conservatory of Victoria.

I have studied classical music and enjoy playing popular and new age style of music. I am currently exploring more of jazz , blues and improvisation.

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